Thursday, August 2, 2012

To Blot or Not to Blot?

One of the greatest beauty inventions ever....blotting papers!  They are very thin, tissue-like and may or may not have some loose powder on them.  I have been using this essential beauty tool for years.  Just a quick swipe and my makeup is well-blended and any shine is gone.  I blot a few times a day to ensure my face has a smooth, matte finish.  My two favorites are: Shiseido 'Pureness' Oil-Control Blotting Paper (powder coated, $18 for 100 sheets, available in most higher-end department stores) and Face Secrets Professional Oil Absorbing Blotting Papers (non-coated, $3.49 for 150 sheets, order online at  Do you use blotting papers?  If so, which ones?  

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