Friday, August 17, 2012

Best Eye Makeup Remover Ever!

Lately I have been hearing more and more talk about how to prevent wrinkles.  I attribute this to the fact that I am getting older!  I love to experiment with new products for the face, hair and eyes.  I look forward to my monthly issue of In Style, Allure and Lucky Magazines as I know there will be some new product I will want to run out and buy.

Everyone once in a while, however, I come across a product that I cannot live without.  One that makes such a difference that I know I will never find something better.  And this is one of those products (which I have been using for over 20 years!):
Borghese's Gel Delicato Eye Makeup Remover
This gentle, oil-free, fragrance-free product removes even the most difficult waterproof makeup from your skin.  And the gel-based formula soothes the area around your eyes as it removes.  As a contact lens wearer, my eyes can be quite sensitive.  I have had zero irritation with this product.  And, because it is gel-based, there is no pulling around the eyes, when means the delicate skin is not stretched like with other removers I have tried.  Pick up a bottle today at Bloomingdales, Lord & Taylor or online (around $32).  A little goes a long way - my bottle lasts for a year! (P.S. you can also use it to remove lipstick, too.)  

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