Thursday, August 23, 2012

My First Time to Whole Foods...I am Serious!

I know many of you may not believe me, but today was my first visit to Whole Foods.  I was driving by (after a successful shopping trip to Bloomingdales) and decided to check it out.  The store was clean and attractive.  There were so many associates around willing to help.  There was even a live cooking demonstration going on.

My eyes were immediately drawn to this colorful veggie display:

And I let out a squeal of delight when I found one of my most favorite veggies:

I wish I knew how to make them like 42 The Restaurant in the Ritz-Carlton White Plains.  Those were definitely the best fried zucchini flowers I ever had!

Next I had to check out the fresh seafood....I didn't see any lobsters (my favorite) but the displays were top notch:

This display had me giggling a bit, as it made me think of those crazy people who eat these and then try to eat other people:

I was tempted to buy a sliver of soap from this display, but passed:

Last but not least, I grabbed two of these "Authentic Belgian Waffles" hoping when I eat one later (with sugar free syrup!) it will remind me of trip to Bruges, where hot waffles were readily available and delicious!

VERDICT:  I will be returning to Whole Foods very shortly when I have more time!

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