Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Polpettina Restaurant...a Must Try!

Last night I met friends at a new restaurant I have been wanting to try, Polpettina in Eastchester.  My curiosity was getting the best of me after reading the N.Y. Times review and rating Polpettina (whose name means "little meatball") a "Worth It."  I weaved my way through the stop and go traffic on the Hutch to the Mill Street exit, and quickly found myself in a residential neighborhood off of White Plains Road.  Parking was a little difficult; but after a few tries I found a two-hour spot within walking distance.  Polpettina has a market next door that sells Mediterranean delicacies, from pastas to vinegar and oils to sea salt and peppercorns.  They also sell wine by the half bottle and bottle, and many craft beers - this is a big plus because the market is where you wait until your table is ready.
The very inviting exterior of Polpettina Restaurant and Market
I was very lucky to be early!  After I got my name on the list for a table of four (at about 6:50) by 7:15 people were entering the restaurant, exiting and swearing.  There was now a long wait for a table.  There is usually a wait, and on the weekends it can be an hour or more!  That being said, we had a lovely time hanging out in the "Market".  We chatted with our very busy, but friendly bartender (all takeout orders are handled from here) and had some delicious wine:
A little blurry, but we had "Attitude" Sauvignon Blanc and "Petit" Chenin Blanc
Coffee, Tea, Wine, Beer or Me?
After about 35 minutes, my cell phone buzzed...the table was ready!  We walked next door and sat at our surprisingly roomy table...we were ready for our culinary adventure!

The four of us tried many appetizers.  Truffle oil and Parmesan french fries (so good we got a second order!), a meatball sampler (a beef meatball with fresh ricotta and basil, a chicken meatball with scallions, cilantro, pickled carrots and sesame soy jus and a pork meatball with broccoli rabe and pecorino, all fabulous), delicious warm Burrata in a red sauce and tasty "Brooklyn" pizza -  a thin, crust, well done pizza with fresh basil and pecorino cheese.

After another bottle of Chenin Blanc, it was time for our entrees.  Wendy and Eddie both got Truffled Carbonara pasta, one of the richest, tastiest pasta dishes I have ever tried.  Brian got the Bolognese pasta, another winner.  I tried something different - Monday nights is $15 All-u-Can-Eat clams and mussels night.  That was a winner, too!

Friendly service, delicious food, a cozy atmosphere make Polpettina a place I will return to.  Oh, did I mention the reasonable prices?  All that food for four, plus a bottle of wine, was about $155 total.  I will offer this one bit of advice - if you are not prepared to wait, come early or late.  (The are working on expansion plans but have nothing definite at the moment).  www.polpettina.com.  YUM!


  1. Always looking for the All You Can Eat Clams & Mussels deal.....sounds delicious! Of course, I will go with a Petite Syrah or Malbec.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. always good to know of good spots to eat, I am a picky eater...thanks.