Tuesday, August 21, 2012

E-Bay – The Great Equalizer!

I am not one for buying used items (Ok, books maybe), but I am always on E-Bay.  I have been using E-Bay for years for numerous transactions.  I have purchased pocketbooks and accessories, golf clubs, language instruction CDs and many other things through E-Bay sellers.  And I have almost never been disappointed.

I also always check E-Bay to determine the real value of something, whether I am looking to buy the item or sell the item.  I remember growing up my mom would buy me Precious Moments for every occasion, convinced that they would be worth something one day.  Yes, there are a few “limited editions” that people will pay for, but most are listed from $2.99 - $19.99.  And, there are over 51,000 listed as of today.  Some investment!  They actually went DOWN in value.  The same can be said for my Hummels, another collection my mom though would make me rich one day.  She did forget one thing though – she let me play with the Hummels and I seemed to have broken off every single one’s head.  She carefully glued each one back together.  Current value – zero!

I also have a lot of success on E-Bay.  Take my most recent purchase – a day pass to the United Airlines Club.  Although I am a frequent flier to Europe, I fly Economy Plus (often called “Premium Economy”) which does NOT entitle you to relax in the lounge before takeoff.  So, I would usually purchase a “one day pass” at the door for $50.  Yesterday something clicked…and I went right to E-Bay!  Voilà! 40+ auctions for a day pass….and I scored one for $15.15!  See me smile?  Next time, don’t pay full price for something right away…check E-Bay first!

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