Thursday, October 4, 2012

Back from Paris...Part II

Paris is a chic, fabulous city at night!

The Palais Garnier is an 1,979-seat opera house, built from 1861
to 1875 for the Paris Opera
We had dinner across from the Opera House at Restaurant Arola at the W Hotel.
The modern restaurant serves a tapas-style menu.  I started out with the
crab salad, the mussels and bacala.
The soap dispenser in Arola's ladies room was too cute

We stumbled upon Harry's Bar, the birthplace of the Bloody Mary,

by accident.

Harry's was full of old signs, memorabilia and patches.
This was my favorite sign.
From there we went on to Caveau de la Huchette, a famous,
cave-like jazz club where Count Basie has played.  The music
was great, but the clientele was a little strange.  I had a sneaking
suspicion that it was "Swinger's Night" when we were there.
We found a great 24 hour lounge around the corner from our hotel called
Le Pub St. Germain.  I had my first ever St. Germain cocktail.  I was hooked
after the first sip.  Here's Chrissy gazing happily at our pitcher of drinks.

Lolabar at the Hotel Banke was another cool venue where we imbibed.
The ladies room was way cool.  I wonder where I can get snakeskin
fixtures like these?

This tourist from Germany was in Paris for his bachelor party.
I couldn't  resist getting a picture with him!
Then the whole crew joined the fun!
Me being silly after a long night of partying!
It was a most wonderful trip!

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